Key figures

+20 years of experience

+ 500 companies financed

37experienced professionals

Located in Paris and London

3.2 billion euros under management

In a brief

  • A pioneer, leader in the disintermediation of financing for French and European SMEs.
  • A management company regulated by the AMF and AIFM -certified.
  • An independent team that guarantees an autonomous and rapid decision-making process.
  • 37 experienced professionals.
  • More than 500 companies financed since the platform was established in 2003.
  • A multi-sourcing deal flow, which stands out by virtue of a proprietary part arising from our close relationship with CIC and Crédit Mutuel.
A responsible management company, signatory to the UN-supported PRI and the France Invest Charter.

Our assets under management

CIC Private Debt advises and manages independently 13 funds for more than 3.2 billion euros of assets under management.

  1. CIC Mezzanine 3

    FPCI - run-off period
  2. CIC Mezzanine 4

    FPCI - run-off period
  3. CIC Mezzanine & Unitranche Financing 5

    SLP - run-off period
  4. CIC Mezzanine & Unitranche Financing 6

    SLP - fund raising and investment period
  5. CM-CIC Debt Fund 1

    FCT - run-off period
  6. CM-CIC Debt Fund 2

    FCT - run-off period
  7. CM-CIC Debt Fund 3

    FCT - run-off period
  8.  CIC Debt Fund 4

    FCT - investment period
  9.  CM-CIC European Large Cap Senior Debt Fund 1

    SLP - run-off period
  10.  CIC European Large Cap Senior Debt Fund 2

    SLP - run-off period
  11.  CIC European Large Cap Senior Debt Fund 3

    SLP - fund raising and investment period
  12.  CM-CIC Infra Debt Fund

     SLP - investment period
  13.  CIC Transition Infra Debt 2

     SLP - fund raising and investment period
Growth of assets under management
In millions of euros
More than 50 institutional investors and 200 private investors