As an active player in corporate finance, CIC Private Debt is acutely aware of its responsabilities pertaining to extra-financial issues. The CIC Private Debt team therefore integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in every aspects of its activity, reflecting the outcome of continuous effort to improve practices within the Management Company.

Our convictions for responsible finance

Principles for Responsible Investment

CIC Private Debt has signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an international initiative promoting responsible investment through application of its 6 principles.

France Invest

CIC Private Debt is a signatory of the Charter of Commitment and the Charter of parity from France Invest. The aim of the 2 initiatives is to improve practices within the sector.

International Climate Initiative

CIC Private Debt is a member of the International Climate Initiative, a working group whose objective is to promote collaboration among financial stakeholders in order to find solutions for climate issues.

A dedicated investment policy

As a responsible investor and in order to meet its commitments, CIC Private Debt adopted an ESG policy. This policy integrates extra-financial issues throughout the investment process, particularly during the pre-investment phase in order to include ESG in the whole decision-making process; but also during the post-investment phase to raise awareness and support the portfolio companies in their own ESG approach.

ESG in our daily lives

CIC Private Debt strives to have a interdisciplinary approach to ESG by enhancing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The Management Company is working to evolve and reduce its impact on the environment as well as to improve its internal practices as they relate to social and governance initiatives.

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