Understanding and managing use of our cookies

CIC Private debt follows a strict policy aimed at protecting the information you provide to it.

General principles

We consider that your personal data and any data provided via our website or generated by the way in which you use the website is confidential data.

As required by our regulatory obligations and in accordance with our Charter on the security and management of personal data, we store this information in highly secure conditions and for limited periods that are proportional to the purposes for which you provided that information to us.

Certain items of information requested on the forms are mandatory and are indicated by an asterisk. If you choose not to send us that information, we will not be able to deal with your request.

A cookie is a file sent by a website to your internet browser and stored on the device you use to access the internet (for example, your computer or your smartphone).

The cookies we use do not allow use to identify you personally, but record information on the way in which you use our website (browsing, access to accounts).

Why do we use cookies ?

The cookies used on this website are used to make your website browsing more secure and user-friendly.

These cookies also enable us to analyse site traffic, improve the services we offer and strengthen security.

If you do not accept cookies, you may be restricted from accessing certain parts of the website for security reasons.

Configuring your browser to accept or reject cookies

You can configure your browser to accept or reject cookies before they are installed, and on a case-by-case basis.

You can also regularly delete cookies from your workstation via your browser.

For information on how to manage your cookies and your user preferences, you should refer to your browser's help section:

Giving or refusing consent

When you visit our website, a message informs you that we use cookies. It also states that by continuing to use our website, you consent to these cookies (you can reverse this decision at any time by objecting to cookies being stored).

Different types of cookies are used on our website for different purposes. Certain are required in order for you to use our website.

Essential cookies

These are cookies that are required in order for our website to function properly.

They allow you to use the main features of our website (for example, access to your account). Without these cookies, you would not be able to use our website in a normal manner. These are cookies that are only relevant to the proper functioning of our website. Cookies that are essential in order for our website to be used are not subject to your consent.

The main "essential cookies" that we use
Name Function
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE These cookies allow us to identify your profile (your bank, your language) in order to connect you to your personal space.

Performance analysis cookies

These are cookies that allow us to understand the use made, and the performance, of our website and to improve the way in which it operates.

The main "performance analysis cookies" that we use
Name Function
_ga These cookies originate from Google Analytics, which is used by this website to monitor site traffic. The data obtained on the use made of the website is transferred and stored by Google on their servers in the United States. Google uses this information to analyse the use made of the website and to generate reports on users' activity (pages viewed, types of device used, length of visit, etc.)
I consent to performance analysis cookies being used

Advertising cookies

These are cookies used to show you advertisements or to send you information tailored to your interests.

They are mainly used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to help determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Your use of our website will not be affected if you do not consent to these cookies. If you choose to refuse advertising cookies, that does not, however, mean that you will not see advertisements on our website. The only effect of your refusal will be that you will see advertisements that do not reflect your interests or preferences.

The main "advertising cookies" that we use
Name Function
capping This cookie limits the number of times you see an advertisement
DoubleClick DoubleClick
Google Adwords

How long do cookies last?

All cookies other than essential cookies last for less than 13 months.